Management activities include:

  • business development and asset utilization with aims to value enhancement including cooperation with other parties; and
  • asset management services including asset management consulting services.

At this moment PPA manage non core assets of PT Pertamina (Persero) (“Pertamina”), including seven Property assets:

  1. Halimun asset;
  2. Kemanggisan asset;
  3. Peternakan asset;
  4. Pemuda, Jatibarang asset;
  5. Kramat Raya asset;
  6. Pondok Cabe, Lapangan Terbang asset;
  7. Pondok Cabe, Lapangan Golf asset.

The assets management is based on Asset Management Agreement between Pertamina and PPA.

The implementation of the management by PPA includes among others analyzing the subsidiaries, preparing the sales of the subsidiary assets and conducting corporate actions for and behalf of Pertamina. In terms of property assets, the management activities include physical maintenance of the assets, maintenance of documents, appraisal of assets, and assets sales process.