As a leading asset management company that lead in all of its businesses.


Significant and sustainable contribution to the Stake Holders through:

•    the growth asset management and investment activity and provide optimum rate of return with flexible and competitive financing as well as collaborate with strategic partners;

•    as a catalyst in enhanced Companies/SOE-s values and/or restructuring Companies/SOE-s in order to grow sustainability;

•    the support of competent, professional and high integrity human resource;

•    Good Corporate Governance.


 •    Courage
      Taking initiatives in making innovations courageously.

•    Integrity
     Applying high standard of ethics and fulfilling every commitment consistently.

•    Learning and Professionalism
     Constantly learn and competency-based job done with sense of responsibility.

•    Prudence
     Apply a high prudent attitude with measured risk management concern and establish good faith business.

•    Teamwork
      Prioritize teamwork and support the close cooperation throughout all of work units to achieve efficiency and  effectiveness business operation.

•    Meritocracy
     Acknowledging contribution and performance equitably and objectively.

•    Trust and respect
     Maintain trust and treating others in the same way we would like others to treat us.