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PPA Commissioners and Directors Donate THR for Basic Food Assistance

PT PPA's Board of Commissioners and Directors donated this year's Holiday Allowance (THR) in the form of food package assistance for people in need. Assistance is provided to day laborers, the elderly, and orphans. At present 420 food packages have been distributed, distributed by the Board of Commissioners and Directors to residents in need in their respective neighborhoods in the Greater Jakarta and Bandung areas. It is hoped that through food and cash assistance can ease the burden on people whose economies are affected by the Covid-19 pandemic to meet food needs.

Distribution of aid will continue gradually through May-August 2020. Distribution of food aid is a form of social care for the Board of Commissioners and Directors of PPA to the public according to the direction of the Minister of SOE Erick Tohir through Letter Number: S-255 / MBU / 04/2020 April 17 2020 concerning Holiday Allowance (THR) for Directors and Board of Commissioners of BUMN in 2020.