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Assist in Handling Covid-19, PPA Distributes PPE Assistance and Food Materials

Jakarta, 22 April 2020 - As a form of PT Asset Management (Persero) (PPA) 's concern over the occurrence of the Covid - 19 pandemic in Indonesia, PPA has channeled assistance to paramedics who work in the vanguard and the community / informal sector workers whose economic life is affected by the pandemic. this. PPA through the Community Development Program has distributed assistance totaling Rp225 million to paramedics in the form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) packages and nutritious food packages and food packages to the community / informal sector workers. Assistance for paramedics has been distributed to 8 referral hospitals handling Covid-19 in the DKI Jakarta area, 5 hospitals in West Java, Prikasih Cilandak Hospital (South Jakarta) and RSIA Nuraida (Bogor).

PPA Corporate Secretary Edi Winanto said the assistance was a form of PPA's commitment to participate in efforts to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia. "We are trying to play a role in handling the Covid-19 pandemic, especially helping paramedics who struggle at the forefront and ease the burden on the community, including informal sector workers whose economy is affected. Hopefully this effort is useful for paramedics and people in need. PPA will continue to support efforts to handle this pandemic, "said Edi Winanto

The distribution of aid was carried out in collaboration with the Philanthropic Philanthropy Foundation, the Leading Guard Community of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Indonesia, the Endowment Philanthropic Institute, the Civil Welfare Foundation, and the National Concern for Action Foundation. In addition to channeling assistance through the Community Development Program, PPA has also distributed assistance from employee fundraising initiatives in the form of sanitation needs and included one of the employees as non-medical volunteers to the Covid-19 Emergency Management Hospital at Wisma Athlet.