Whistle Blowing System

Whistle Blowing System

The whistle blowing system or WBS is a system that is used to receive, process and follow up and make reports for information submitted by the complainant regarding violations that occurred at Company environment. WBS is part of the prevention of irregularities and fraud and strengthen the application of the principles of good corporate governance.

The purpose of WBS is as a guideline in implementing and managing reports of alleged violations that occur in the Company.

Violations that can be reported are all deviant or deviant acts contrary to company regulations, code of conduct, against the law and everything acts outside the provisions which could result in material losses as well as a decline in company image.

The company provides protection to the complainant and related parties (parties who is appointed to assist the investigation process and the parties providing it information related to reporting suspected violations.

Included in the activity of alleged violations include:

  1. Corruption
  2. Fraud
  3. Dividend
  4. Conflict of Interest
  5. Violation of laws and / or laws and regulations that are applicable and relevant to the Company's business
  6. Violation of internal regulations / policies / procedures that can harm the Company
  7. Ketidak patutan dalam etika bisnis dan etika kerja yang berlaku secara umum

Media for Complaints:
Mail with address:
Head of the Violation Report Management Team
PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero)
Sampoerna Strategic North Tower 12 th Floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav.45-46
Jakarta 12930