Procurement of goods and services

Procurement Process

PT Asset Management Company (PPA) Goods and Services Procurement Policy is regulated through Directors Decree Number; SK-71 / PPA / 1119 based on the Minister of SOE Regulation No. PER-05 / MBU / 2008 concerning General Guidelines for the Implementation of Procurement of Goods and Services of State-Owned Enterprises as amended by Minister of SOE Regulation No. PER-15 / MBU / 2012.

Procurement of goods / services must apply the principles:

  1. Efficient
  2. Effective
  3. Open and compete / competitive
  4. Transparent
  5. Fair and reasonable
  6. Accountable
  7. Discharge of applicable laws and regulations

Types of goods / services procurement include:

  1. Goods
  2. Construction Work
  3. Consultant Services
  4. Other Services

The method of procuring goods / services can be done by:

  1. Public Auction
  2. Limited Auction
  3. Direct Selection
  4. Direct Designation
  5. Direct Purchases
Flow of Goods and Services Procurement Process
Method of Implementing Goods and Services Procurement