Press Release

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PR-01-PPA-CS-0220 PPA Ensure Banking NPL Management Comply with Regulations
PR-13-PPA-CS-1219 Strengthens PT PPA's International Network Establishes Cooperation with KAMCO (1)
PR-12-PPA-CS-1219PT PPA is Trusted by Bank Indonesia to Issue SBK
PR-11-PPA-CS-1119 PT PPA planting Hundreds of Mangroves in Pesisir Utara Jakarta
PR-10-PPA-CS-1019 PPA Strengthens Investment and Management of Himbara NPL in 2020
PR-09-PPA-CS-1019 Towards the National Asset Management Company
PR-08-PPA-CS-1019 West Java Provincial Government Collaborates with PT PPA and BJB Bank in the context of BUMD Development and Revitalization in West Java
PR-07-PPA-CS-0919 Three SOEs Work Together to Build Schools in Central Sulawesi in the Aftermath of the Earthquake and Tsunami
PR-06-PPA-CS-0819 PT PPA Has Distributed 78 Billion Partnership Program Funds
PR-05-PPA-CS-0719 SOE Minister Complete PT PPA Board of Directors Formation
PR-04-PPA-CS-0619 PT PPA Provides 1,500 Cheap Idul Fitri 1440 H Food Packages in East Java
PR-03-PPA-CS-0519 Free homecoming with PT PPA to Lampung, Central Java and DIY
PR-02-PPA-CS-0419 PT PPA's Commitment to Build the Nation in the Mentawai Islands District
PR-01-PPA-CS-0419 SOE Minister Appoints PT PPA Business Director