Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social and Environmental Responsibility

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PPA implements sustainability principles by consistently striving for a harmony of economic, social, and environmental performance in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Company’s business.

PPA strives to realize sustainable development goals by using the 5P approach (people, planet, prosperity, partnership, and peace), which is expected to support a harmonious living, achieve prosperity through mutual cooperation, and maintain peace. The Company is committed to bring impact by fulfilling the shareholders’ mandate and being widely responsible to both internal and external stakeholders.

Supporting strategic initiatives in strengthening Indonesian corporations especially SOEs, PPA is expected to become the largest turnaround company in Indonesia with main business activities in implementing turnaround strategy and building company performance by focusing on creating solutions for NPL, restructuring, corporate transformation as well as management of assets and minority ownership.

In achieving the objectives, PPA has set the following strategic steps:

  • Contributing to the efforts of maintaining Indonesia’s economic stability through banking NPL management
  • Strengthening PPA’s position as a National Asset Management Company (AMC) and optimizing benefits through NPL management to deliver value for stakeholders.
  • Creating synergies with strategic partners in the financial sector.
  • Creating optimal and growing economic value.
  • Achieving optimal asset management through, but not limited to, special situations fund (SSF) program.
  • Optimizing funding capacity and capital structure.
  • Developing quality and productive human resources who reflects moral characteristics.
  • Empowering, improving, and enhancing the social community.
  • Improving capability of small businesses towards resilience and independence.
  • Preserving nature and the environment.