About Us

Preserving Values. Instilling Resilience

PPA delivers value-added turnaround to assist Indonesia’s State-Owned Enterprises building sustainable business model. Backed with experienced team and strong institutional network, we create long-term values to accelerate the country’s sustainable growth.

Established in 2004, PPA continues to outperform various cycles of economic crisis in domestic and regional/global market. The Company has expanded into a state-owned asset management company with specialization in SOE restructuring and revitalization, investment activities, SOEs asset management activities, and advisory.

PPA currently undertakes strategic transformation into a National Asset Management Company (NAMCO), performing turnaround for SOEs Restructuring, Non-Performing Loan (NPL) management, and Special Situations Fund (SSF).

Long-Term Value Creation
From survival to resilience, we deliver long-term value creation with transformative impact. Our active involvements, through financial and operational improvements, market development, and growth strategy; put our portfolio companies in a stronger position for sustainable growth.

Network of Experience
Our success stories have been driven by strong management team and vast network of institutions. These resources enable us to provide clients with comprehensive solutions on advisory and asset management, ranging from market access, strategic partnership, to financing.

Driving Sustainable Growth for Indonesia
Granted as proxy of the Government of Indonesia, PPA is mandated to serve as active shareholder in delivering value-added turnaround for SOEs. As a strategic tool to strengthen SOEs ecosystem, PPA has received periodic capital injection from the Government to carry out its role. We are committed to devoting our hard work and dedication to accelerate economic growth of the country.