Social and Environmental Responsibility

Social and Environmental Responsibility

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PPA involves in empowering the socio-economic conditions of the community and increasing the capability of small businesses to become resilient and independent.

PPA Sejahtera Programs:

• Micro and Small Business Program Funding

(Ditayangkan dalam bentuk grafis Total Program Pendanaan UMK PT PPA sejak 2009 (Rp79miliar) dan sebaran wilayah penyaluran 17 Provinsi)

• Social Aid


Contributing to the country’s mission of educating the nation, PPA has implemented various educational programs that reach almost all levels of society in Indonesia.

PPA Cerdas Programs:

• Undergraduate Scholarship Program for Mentawai Children (frontier, outermost, and least developed regions/3T regions).
• Scholarship Program for People with Special Needs.
• Scholarship Program for Supporting Personnel in PPA.
• Undergraduate Scholarship Program in collaboration with Yayasan Karya Salemba Empat


PPA participates in preserving nature and assisting those lacking access to basic infrastructures.

PPA Lestari Programs:

• Planting Mangrove Seeds on the North Coast of Jakarta
• Clean water infrastructure program
• Solar electricity infrastructure program


PPA also participates in mitigating natural disasters as well as non-natural disasters, such as the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in Indonesia.