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Duties and Functions

Responsibility and Purpose PPID PT Perusahaan Pengelola Aset (Persero) Refers back to the Government
Regulation Number 61 of 2010 concerning Implementation of Law Number 14 of 2008 concerning Transparency of Information are as follows :

  1. Provides information covering the process of storing, documenting, providing and general services as well as announcing public information

  2. Coordinates the storage, documentation and collection of all public information within the PPA

  3. Provides Public Information services in accordance with applicable regulations

  4. Provides public information services in a simple, integrity and high-quality manner

  5. Establish standard operating procedures (SOPs) in the dissemination of public information

  6. Conduct socialization and monitoring of the implementation of information services

  7. Conduct a consequence test

  8. Classifies information and / or updating it regularly / periodically

  9. Periodically review and improve the Information and Documentation Control Guidelines with the approval of the Board of Directors

  10. Request the support of the Board of Directors to gain access to all company information in the form of reports, studies, guidelines, data regarding performance, assets, facilities and personnel or other similar matters

  11. Updates the provisions and operational standards (SOP) on public information services that apply in the PPA environment regularly / periodically

  12. Determines the excluded information that has expired as public information that can be accessed

  13. Determines the written considerations on every policy taken to fulfill the rights of everyone to Public Information

  14. Utilizes electronic and non-electronic means and / or media in the provision of Public Information

  15. Blur out all excluded Public Information and its reasons

  16. Includes written reasons for the exclusion of Public Information in a clear and firm manner

  17. Budget adequate financing for Public Information services in accordance with the prevailing laws and regulations

  18. Conduct reviews and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors on the classification of company information and the extent to which such information can / should be disclosed to the public

  19. Make written considerations of every policy taken to fulfill the rights of the Public Information Applicant, including, among other things, political, economic, social, cultural and / or corporate and / or state defense and security considerations.

  20. Coordinate and ensure that objections to the provision and service of Public Information are processed based on the procedure for resolving objections

  21. Create and announce reports on Public Information services in accordance with the provisions and submit a copy of the report to the Information Commission

  22. Evaluate and supervise the implementation of Public Information services in accordance with the scope of their  authority